Twitter For Your Business

Tweets have become a fast way of getting a reaction on virtually any subject.

While this social network continues to lag behind Facebook in the number game, it still has a massive following of over two hundred million active users.

Even though there are about three hundred million inactive users, it is interesting to note that forty percent of them still check on their accounts.

So even if odds are more than half your followers are not likely to tweet or retweet, they will still read.

In order to help garner a solid number of followers, you will need to do some following yourself.

That means having your own Twitter account and taking an interest in other users.

You may want to stick to those who have some relation to your own business or music.

Aim for users who have a good number of active users to make the right connection. Respond to their tweets and ensure your own address is on there. This will allow the person your following and his followers to be just a click away from you.

Twitter helps keep you on the minds of the fan.With just a few short words you can send out information to millions on you music and opinions.

If you want to draw in numbers and your music has not yet earned you that credibility, then commenting on big news stories first will. Many users have gained notoriety, and a strong following, because they manage to post witty comments on breaking news story before anyone else.

Even if the comment is controversial, remember that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

Try to keep your tweets informative and fun.

92% of retweets are due to interesting information being posted.

This is the best way to keep your followers actively engaged. You want to elicit a reaction and have your followers respond in kind. Nothing sucks as much as tweeting and getting nothing but silence.

Check out the responses and try to respond to a few.

Your followers will know you are interested in their comments and will remain committed.

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