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Google Plus & Google Circles as a Marketing Tool

While Google Plus and Google Circles are still far from reaching the meteoritic success of Facebook and Twitter in terms of active usage, it has still managed to gain ground.

It was predicted that it would have achieve about 400 million users by the end of 2012.

This number seems achievable as Google now has new users registering for email accounts, also register on the Google Plus. With this done, users receive regular updates on these functions in their inbox. Information on their circles and the most popular people in various niches is also sent.

The success that Google plus has achieved in the short time since its launch has been phenomenal. Social network like Facebook and Twitter had to wait several years to achieve what Google has attained in just over a year.

Although only 17% of registered users are considered active, this still runs into millions of views and comments. The medium allows users to load images, videos, links, articles and announcements.

Users can then make comments and recommend the post to people in other circles and boost viewership. Naturally the more interesting and relevant content you put up the more attention you will get.

Google Plus calls for more comprehensive and interesting content in order to boost numbers.

While the idea of spreading oneself thin is a possibility on social networks, the effort does tend to pay off.

Just check out the top performers on Google Plus and you will find they are similarly popular on other social networks.

While this may seem a difficult task for someone not adept at online marketing, the solution may be to hire a firm that handles social media to cultivate your image.

Being lax in your approach to utilizing this tool will be evident to other users and cause a decline in your popularity. Hire someone to help out if need be.

With an estimated 600,000 new users joining these social platforms, it is worthwhile keeping up a good online profile on this network.

Even with Facebook, businesses that started early on make a good impression found their following growing as the number of users increased.

Starting early can only bode well for the future. and if you decide to outsource the time consuming task of maintaining your social media presence, we’re here to help, get in touch for a consultation


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