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Facebook for Your Business/Artist/Music

The face of advertising has changed drastically over the last few years.

Where television, magazine and newspaper adverts used to dominate, the internet has taken over, and in no more efficient manner than with social networks.

Facebook has provided a global platform on which to market through, considered to be a new version of word-of-mouth.

For artists, this social media network has proven highly lucrative in terms of garnering fans.

Artists no longer need to mainly rely on recording companies and their promoters to handle the marketing side of business for them.

Through Facebook they have been able to establish their own following and communicate with fans directly.

From announcing the release of new songs and albums, to listing outlets where concert tickets will be sold, a single person can manage a far reaching marketing tool.

You can also maintain this communication line by integrating Facebook on your own website.

Using facebook social plugins and comment options on your own website will help determine how many people enjoy your music and get some excellent firsthand feedback from fans and detractors alike.

Keep in mind that 87% of online users place more trust in recommendations from friends than those from critics.

With this kind of influence, your main strategy should be to delight the fans and not critics.

Allowing visitors to your site to also log-in using their Facebook profile will also help boost your online fan base as many users find it easier to do this than go through a whole new registration process.

As you continue to use Facebook as one of your major arsenals in marketing, remember to never flood your fans with useless information.

52% of the site’s users have admitted ‘unliking’ a brand because the information shared was simply repetitive and boring.

Check out what kind of content is posted by artists who continue to garner huge followings like Eminem, Rihanna and Lady Gaga, each of whom has over 50 million followers.

You do not have to like their music but you can learn from their method.

Many of these accounts are often managed by the specialist media firms, so if you are unsure of how to take advantage of this tool, outsource to someone with experience…

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